Seal and Certificate

Member brands are entitled to use the distinctive Superbrands seal to fully leverage their Superbrands status on range of communications materials, including advertising, packaging, point of sale materials, internal and external trade messages, and online to show customers that they have achieved this recognition for their branding excellence.

Many of the world’s leading brands have chosen to advertise the fact that they have received Superbrands status, taking large advertisements in major publications to do so. A certificate is also provided for display.

Nielsen Research conducted a study on the impact of the Superbrands Award Seal found that “74% of consumers who recognized the Superbrands name claimed to be much or more likely to buy products or services associated with the Superbrands Award Logo”. The Superbrands Awards Seal provides our clients with significant competitive advantage.

Superbrands Book

Many of the world’s leading brands have chosen to advertise the fact that they have received Superbrands status, taking large advertisements in major publications to do so. A certificate is also provided for display.

Brands may also decide to take a custom cover and extra copies of the book so that it can be used for internal promotion or as a corporate giveaway to clients, suppliers, shareholders and staff. Additional copies of the book are also distributed by Superbrands, both internationally and locally, to individuals and organizations that have an interest in branding and wish to get an insight into how these brands achieved their status in each particular market.

Copies are provided on a complimentary basis to journalists, researchers, business schools, hospitality lounges, and libraries.

As the only book of its kind dedicated exclusively to the country’s leading brands, the Superbrands books are set to become the local marketing community’s premier source of information on how great brands become Superbrands.

The Tribute event

Each edition is presented at the “Tribute Event”, a gala night that involves the delivery of the Awards. During the evening, the top managers of Superbrands companies come together in the presence of the media, as key players in the market, to discuss the most current topics of marketing and to share the membership in the strong and innovative way.

This significant event draws an excessive deal of media consideration and representatives of each brand are presented with their Superbrands acknowledgments in the presence of high-ranking figures from the business and industry. This occurrence is a leading marketing event, attended by the broadcasting a great gathering of high-ranking managers and brand guardians. The evening is a gala of branding, and is used to stage starred brands. It additionally acts as a greatly efficaciously networking occasion that enables friendly building of association amongst managers and prizes participants with an advantaged prospect to attend to and interrelate with influential specialists.

PR Coverage

Superbrands and its PR partners work with all sectors of the local media to promote both the project itself and in turn the featured brands. Television, print, radio, and internet are all utilized to inform the local market about how Superbrands operates, and which brands in their market have achieved Superbrands status.

Journalists from television, radio and press receive copies of Superbrands. The publication serves as an invaluable reference source for journalists writing features about specific markets and brands or more general branding, marketing, and business stories.

National press and media activities by Superbrands will highlight the brand’s achievements.

Being featured at provides internet users with information on the brand’s positioning and status, in a highly prestigious and credible environment. Brand that have attained the prestigious Superbrands status can now bring their presentations in the Superbrands book to life through video animation.

Superbrands TV

The Superbrands TV video productions mirror the text and images from the brand presentations in the Superbrands book. This is a great way to showcase the brand’s strengths and Superbrands status through an important new digital delivery platform. Superbrands TV creates high quality video footage for our Superbrands clients. Brands can use this footage to promote their brand stories and successes to their clients, shareholders, investors, staff, customers and within the brands supply chains, and many will include this footage on Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on web sites generally. Superbrands TV videos can also be used to reinforce the brands position and strengths on TV’s in reception areas and at conferences, seminars and conventions.